20×200: Japan Earthquake Relief Edition

I’ve been a long time fan of Jen Bekman’s 20×200.  Just check out my hallway if you want proof!  All those are prints I’ve bought over the years from Jen’s 200 limited edition prints for $20 scheme.  As her motto says, “Buy art. It’s good for you.”

Imperial Palace Gardens with Wall, Tokyo - by Emily Shur

Today I was particularly pleased to get an email from 20×200 featuring a photographic print by LA artist Emily Shur with all proceeds going towards Japan Society’s Earthquake Relief Fund.  It’s great how quickly artists always respond in times of crisis.     And never underestimate the power of a graphic image to galvanize support — a poster can be more effective than a statistic in inspiring compassion.

20x200 prints in my apartment hallway

Help Japan print by Rob Dobi

I ♥ Warren

Oh, how I love Warren Buffett…let me count the ways

If I were a billionaire, I would totally sign up for this.  And while I can’t quite afford to give away half my net worth to charity yet, it’s certainly inspiring to see others commit to doing it.  It’s nice to know not all rich people are evil douches.