Express Yourself

There’s been a lot of talk about breastfeeding in recent days, thanks to Michelle Obama’s public endorsement of it as part of her “Let’s Move” campaign to combat childhood obesity, and the stunningly moronic Tea Party commentary that has since followed it.  I think it’s common sense that we can now use money from our flex-spending accounts toward breast pumps, just as we’ve been able to use it on contact lenses.  And seriously, is publicly touting the virtues of breast milk anything worth getting upset about?  Regardless of whether or not a woman decides to breastfeed, it’s not like a controversial thing to recommend something that most mothers have been doing since the dawn of time, right?  I guess these hypocritical “I breastfed all my babies but don’t think other women should be able to use their FSA money to help fund $300 breast pumps” women (e.g. Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann) haven’t received the memo that breast milk is all the rage.  Let’s just say it ain’t just for babies anymore!

The Icecreamists in London’s Covent Garden was recently featured on BBC for being the first to offer an ice cream flavor called Baby Gaga made out of freshly expressed and pasteurized human breast milk.  At £14 a scoop, I’m not desperate to try it anytime soon; though as a friend pointed out, how much longer before we witness the same at our local farmer’s markets with locavore labels like “Danny’s Mom”?  Of course they’ll have to get around the New York Health Department, which last year banned Chef Daniel Angerer of Klee from making and serving cheese made out of the excess milk produced by his wife’s mammaries.  Waste not, want not?


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