Bottling Innovation

Dude, this Japanese packaging re-do for Gatorade is so much better than those fat, squat things we have in the US! I guess the argument goes that Americans need to drink a lot more electrolytes or whatever than the little Japanese who take sips out of these skinny PET bottles.  But come on, we deserve some visually pleasing design too!  The Gatorade bolt on the black background is so simple and yet it totally pops on the shelf.  Beverage-maker Suntory distributes Gatorade in Japan so I suppose it’s just a completely different sensibility from what’s marketed here.

And while we’re on the topic of Suntory, can I just pose the question for the ten billionth time why we don’t have crystal-cut design capabilities for PET bottle packaging like they’ve had in Asia for like, oh, I dunno, 5 years now?  I’ve asked many package designers about this and the answer always has to do with the cost of changing factory production molds and the scale of distribution in the US, blah blah.  All important considerations, I agree, but it just blows my mind how slow we are to innovate beverage packaging for mass brands in this country.  You get superficial changes and the odd tweaks here and there, but in general the pace of innovation is incredibly slow.  Like think about the cans and bottles of soda you drank as a kid and ask yourself if they’ve really changed in any substantial way.  Yeah, didn’t think so.


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