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Ugh, it’s an absolute blogging disgrace how infrequently I’ve been posting.  What can I say, the responsibilities of meatspace are just too great these days!  So instead of trying to make excuses (like hello, I just moved) and come up with something clever to post, let me direct your attention to someone else’s blog.  My friend John has recently embarked on an excellent adventure.  In his own words:

For reasons that are still beyond me, I’ve decided to quit my steady job in the worst economic climate I’ve seen in my lifetime, pull up stakes, and write for four months. Five hours a day, seven days a week, a hundred and twenty days. A major change of lifestyle; call it a sharp right turn.

So John is off in Mexico at the moment, borrowing a friend’s flat and writing a book.  Oh, and eating tacos and blogging about it too.  To make a lame metaphorical connection to the tree falling in the woods: in this day and age, if a man goes off to write for 4 months without blogging about it, can we say it really happened?

He’ll be posting some of his writing soon so I encourage you to bookmark it and follow his progress!  He’s off to Cape Cod after this (part of his couchsurfing grand tour) so I have to say, the life of a writer ain’t all that bad.

John taking a sharp right in Mexico

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