Brooklyn Flea at One Hanson

Lobby of One Hanson Place

Hurrah!  The Brooklyn Flea is coming to One Hanson starting this weekend.  Affectionately known to locals as “the penis building” for its suggestive shape, One Hanson is an incredible Brooklyn landmark and the Flea will provide us with a great opportunity to see the inside of this former Williamsburgh Savings Bank building known for stunning mosaics and stained glass windows.  Would have loved to buy an apartment in this building but alas, it was way over budget and now (shocker!) the building is going rental.  Now that the scaffolding has come down from the Atlantic Terminal entrance across the way, I’m looking forward to the continued revitalization of Hanson Place.

One of my favorite new Brooklyn stores is a Japanese florist/knickknack shop called Saffron that opened a few months ago at 31 Hanson.  It’s hard to describe this beautiful little addition to Fort Greene as it’s not a typical florist — their hyper-curated selection focuses more on wildflowers and unusual stems so you won’t find giant bouquets here.  They also sell things like antique copper kettles, vintage kimonos, local artwork and miniature cacti alongside the cut flowers.  It’s all incredibly subdued and tasteful — and reminds me of some of my favorite shops in Tokyo, so I suppose I’ve got a cultural bias for this kind of aesthetic.  In any case, check them out.

Flowers from Saffron in Fort Greene

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