Tricks of the Devil

Mass: We Pray's Controller
Mass: We Pray's Wii-like Controller

Holy crap!  Or shall I say holy marketing genius?!  I was dumbfounded when I saw this website advertising what appears to be a new Wii-like game called “Mass: We Pray” that simulates church services.  “After all, a family shouldn’t have to wait until Sunday to worship the Lord,” says the voice-over in the Snuggie-like infomercial that beggars belief.  It claims to be developed a Boston-based company called Prayer Works Interactive and the site features a whole gallery of images from this virtual church experience.  A press release about this game went out a couple of days ago, pitching it as “a revolutionary videogame that allows families to go to church every day from the comfort of their own home.”

Of course, if like most normal people you are blown away by the idea of this game even existing, you are likely to click on one of the site’s other buttons for more information or to see an up-close image of this ridiculous crucifix-shaped controller.  And just like that you are made to realize that OMG, you have just been marketed to by Electronic Arts for their upcoming videogame Dante’s Inferno!!!! Suddenly you are faced with a message calling you a heretic for taking part in a Mass not celebrated by an ordained priest, and told you will burn in the 6th circle of hell.  Then, with a damning touch of banality, you’re asked to enter your birth date to watch a trailer of Dante’s Inferno and then share it on Facebook.  Did they really just go there? Yeah, I think they did.  A lot of people are gonna be pissed off — but a hell of a lot more people are gonna go buy this game next February.  Marketing is the devil’s work!


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