Mamachas in NYC!

Yes, it finally happened. Mamachas del Ring, the documentary by Betty M Park which has been traveling the world from festival to festival, finally screened in NYC!  It screened as part of the Margaret Mead Festival at the American Museum of Natural History this Friday to a sold-out crowd.  The Mead is the longest-running international documentary festival in the United States.  The director was joined by animator Christophe Lopez-Huici for the post-screening Q&A.  Composer M.G. Espar was also in attendance, along with about a hundred of Betty’s closest friends.  Shout out to Momoya on Amsterdam for hosting a great afterparty!

Mamachas Q&A
Q&A with Betty & Christophe
Signing Mamachas Posters
Signing Mamachas posters for fans!

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