Shoe Sales Up Despite Recession

Today’s article in the NYTimes by Stephanie Rosenbloom about why despite the crap economy women will never stop buying shoes to make ourselves feel better (duh) is really just an excuse for me to post this classic YouTube video:

These shoes rule. These shoes suck!

Also, on a somewhat shoe-shopping related note: I’m going to LUCKY SHOPS today!  Talk about ridiculous logic — to pay $35 in admission to SHOP, but hey, there’s nothing like drunk-shopping (all that free booze!) with friends and finding Rachel Comey boots at 70% off like I did last year.  It’s kind of brilliant because not only is Lucky making $$$ off the ticketing, the vendors make money from people who are hearing that little voice in the back of their heads saying, “You just paid to BE HERE so you better BUY SOMETHING to make it WORTH IT.”  It’s exactly the kind of reasoning that makes marketers wet their pants!


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