A Year Later

NYTimes Obama Word Visual
From The New York Times

I really love these crowdsourced mood visualizations of words that the New York Times has been running the past year or so, after introducing it as a neat way to gauge how people felt about the recession.  Today they’re using it to visualize how people are feeling one year after the election of President Obama.  You can see the discrepancies between Democrats and Republicans by clicking on the appropriate tabs, and there’s really no surprise there that the blues seem to feel a lot more optimistic and hopeful than the reds.  I also watched the HBO premier of By The People last night, which documented the Obama campaign’s path to victory in last year’s election and I have to say I was (again) really moved by the democratic process.  Perhaps this also has something to do with the fact that I just recently took the oath of allegiance and became an American citizen last week.  Maybe I’m wearing rose-tinted glasses, but I honestly feel that despite the financial dumpster we find ourselves in today (a consequence of our collective bad decisions in years past), I at least feel like I’m sitting on a bus with my seatbelt fastened and I actually trust the driver.  I look back on the W-era and remember that distinct feeling of dread, like something really bad was going to happen and he was going to drive us all off a cliff.  In a way he kind of did.  Thank god I had a rope.  So my word for the Times?  Motivated.


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