This Is Why We’ve Been Getting Fatter


Mark your calendars, New Yorkers.  The food truck event we’ve been putting together at warp speed the last few weeks for the launch of the blog-turned-book This is Why You’re Fat is finally upon us.  The book curated by Jessica Amason and Richard Blakely will hit stores next week, and to promote it we got six super awesome food trucks in NYC to create a heartburn-worthy special for a contest next Thursday. The lineup includes The Treats Truck, Wafels & Dinges, the Cravings Truck, Cupcake Stop, The Bistro Truck, and Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream — all run by incredibly kind and hardworking people who have been busting their butts trying to make our city a more delicious place to live in.

So check @tiwyf on Twitter on 10/29 starting at 11am for posts on what each truck is gonna be serving up and then run to be the first in line.  The first five people to order the TIWYF special at each truck will receive a free book, and the first one to hit up all six trucks and tweet pics of themselves actually eating the stuff will win a private food truck party for 25 friends!   We’re excited that the buzz has already started to build for this on Grub Street, Midtown Lunch, and even a column in Crain’s New York.  We’ll be running around from truck to truck on that day too so come say hi if you see two frazzled Asians handing out books and magnets!


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