FreshDirect x Robin Hood


Feed more than just yourself this Thanksgiving!  FreshDirect & Robin Hood have teamed up for the goal of helping to feed the more than 120,000 New Yorkers in need this holiday season.  A $50 donation allows FreshDirect to deliver a full Thanksgiving meal for a hungry family of 8.  We’re talking 12-14lb turkey, mash, gravy, cornbread, yams, beans, juice, the works.

As a FreshDirect evangelist as well as a longtime supporter of Robin Hood, this is a match that makes total sense to me.  As an urban grocery delivery service, FreshDirect has always been very responsive to the needs of its customers.  When we complained about the number of boxes, they improved their packaging.  When we asked for more locally sourced products, they delivered.  Robin Hood has been fighting poverty in NYC since 1988, using sound investment principles.  And unlike many other charities, 100% of your contributions to Robin Hood go directly into their programs because their Board of Directors underwrites all of the costs of operation.  That means your money isn’t going into their overhead, but directly to the people who need it the most.  They are also deeply accountable, constantly measuring impact and not hesitating to pull the plug on a program that isn’t delivering.

The fact that I’m even blogging about this now and that after my contribution I was immediately able to share it on Facebook is certainly one indication that they’ve got their marketing right.  It probably helps that they have Gwyneth Paltrow on the board too, but for me it was really their awesome artist collaboration holiday cards program that first drew me in.  And hello, how amazing is this library by Maira Kalman?


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