Identifying the “New Normal”

carol_coletta_photoCheck out Carol Coletta’s piece on the Good Magazine blog that discusses the need to come up with a new narrative for what will define the “good life” in cities as the outdated trend of moving out to the suburbs to live the old American dream makes a big U-turn.  What will be the new American dream to replace the tattered vision of suburban splendor as more and more people move back to cities?  SUITE 2046 has been working with Carol’s organization, CEOs for Cities, on launching their VELOCITY movement in mid-September.  Hence all the recent posts on Grand Rapids, as that is the host city for the inaugural VELOCITY Salon. For more food for thought on the topic of cities, listen to Carol’s nationally-syndicated public radio show, Smart City.


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Trend Analysis & Applied Futurism. London / NY / Tokyo.

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