Twitter Not for Teens Says Lone Teen

Gotta laugh out loud over this article from the Guardian regarding Morgan Stanley’s decision to publicize a report by their 15 year-old intern.  Described as “one of the clearest and most thought-provoking insights we have seen,” by Morgan’s Edward Hill-Wood in a report by the Financial Times, the intern’s analysis includes a scathing criticism of Twitter as pointless for teens as they quickly realize nobody is reading their updates and they’d rather spend their cellphone credits texting their friends.  I’ve got my own reservations about Twitter as I’ve blogged about before, but regardless of whether I agree with this intern or not, it’s pretty ridiculous that his analysis is being held up as something worthy of influencing major investment decisions.  At the very least it must be acknowledged that a 15 year-old who has an internship at Morgan Stanley is hardly representative of average teens.

Nevertheless I admit I’m secretly a bit chuffed that these phantom ‘teens’ supposedly share my rather renegade opinion (well, renegade for someone working in marketing in NYC anyway!) that Twitter will soon be outed as being pointless for most people, and will become the sole domain of obsessive self-promoters, bored people stuck at home with pets and young children, and revolutionaries living in countries where traditional media outlets aren’t allowed.  I know, I know, don’t knock it til you’ve tried it!  But believe me I’ve done my research — interviewing my many intelligent and impressive Twittering friends about what drives them to ‘tweet’ (god, strike this horrid word out of our vocabulary, please!) all day and night, and I’ve come to the conclusion that it basically comes down to boredom, peer pressure, and the promise of fame.  Hmm…wait a minute, I’m contradicting myself.  If those are the main drivers, then I guess Twitter will be going strong for decades to come?  Oy!

kill twitter


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