One Love

Hopefully by now the endless replays of “Man in the Mirror” and “We Are the World” on the airwaves since MJ’s sad demise have peeled away every last layer of cynical self-interest left in your being.  And now with President Obama making his first official visit to Africa today, the NYTimes brings us an inspiring Op-Ed from Bono on rebranding Africa.  As both Bono and the WEF have noted in the past, the upcoming World Cup in South Africa in 2010 will be an incredible opportunity to improve the continent’s international image, much like the way the Beijing Olympics introduced the new face of China to the rest of the world.  African banks are growing strong and even the HBR agrees that now is the time to invest.  Expect shifting perceptions to come!


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  1. Valerie Seckler

    Have you seen the just released documentary “Soul Power”? It’s a film of a concert and making of a concert in Zaire in 1974, portraying some of the top soul singers and musicians of the time, along with images of everyday life in southern Africa.

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