Read It & Eat It

Interesting post by Alexandra Vallis on NYMag’s Grub Street blog about the role of menu design in how we order.  It was based on an earlier post on the retail psychology of menus from the Baltimore Sun blog.  According to the multiple snarky comments following the post, apparently this is all stuff they teach you in Restauranting 101 at culinary school.  Well excuuuuse me, but I’ve never been to culinary school.  I have, however, come across a lot of unbelievably crap menus in my time and pondered the role of Papyrus font in making me want to barf up my breakfast, so I very much appreciated this post.  So attention, aspiring restauranteurs!  Drop the dollar signs, put the expensive stuff in the middle, use nice pictures, play around with fonts, and never use the word ‘fried’.  And seriously, if you don’t have an eye for good typeface, please hire someone who does.  There’s nothing more unappetizing than bad font, as I’ve ranted about before, save for maybe dried up ketchup on a greasy plastic menu.  Oh, and speaking of retail psychology, when the hell are we going to start importing those plastic food models from Japan already???

balthazar menu
Balthazar apparently gets the menu right


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