Locavore Pioneers

Ryan Tate & Peter Hoffman of Savoy
Ryan Tate & Peter Hoffman of Savoy (Photo by Christopher Smith for the NYT)

A quick shout-out to our favorite foodie, Ryan Tate, for the awesome write-up by Frank Bruni in today’s New York Times. Ryan is the executive chef of Savoy in SoHo, which has been quietly delighting downtown diners with greenmarket goodies since 1990, years before locavorism became hip enough for the Obamas.  We regularly spot Tate at the Union Square farmer’s market snapping up local seasonal ingredients.  Originally hailing from the great state of Michigan, Tate’s laid-back demeanor and midwestern modesty manifests culinarily in the form of well-crafted dishes that are supremely satisfying without screaming for attention.  Or, to quote Bruni, the Savoy experience is “more folksy than glitzy, more bluntly nourishing than madly exhilarating.”  And given the current climate, don’t we all just want to be well-nourished these days?


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