More on Typography Awareness


Wow, poor Vincent Connare!  To be known as the father of Comic Sans can’t be easy.  Check out this humorous piece in today’s WSJ.  Not only are there multiple “Ban Comic Sans” groups running around, some typography awareness activists have gone so far as to call the font “a crime against humanity.”  Ouch.  Good thing Vincent, who has since moved on to designing much classier fonts, has a sense of humor about it!

Today, Mr. Connare sometimes speaks at Internet conferences, using 41-page PowerPoint presentations written in you-know-what. He talks with the Combses about creating an “I Love/I Hate Comic Sans” picture book together.

The font has become so popular that it’s approaching retro chic. Design shop Veer is selling a T-shirt with a picture of human heart on it made entirely of tiny Comic Sans characters. Veer’s text: “Love it, love to hate it, or hate that you love it.”

Man, will the hipsters ever put an end to the whole “so lame it’s cool” thing? In Friday’s UrbanDaddy email, which, by the way, claims to be “devoted to keeping you in the know with the best kept secrets your city has to offer,” I was notified of NYC’s “first official Snuggie pub crawl.”  Oh my god, enough already!  I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before some vodka brand hoping to win over “influencers” starts using Comic Sans in their advertising and gets busted for trying to market to kids. Long live irony. -sigh-


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