Kurzweil on Motherboard

Check out the cool/terrifying series of videos on Ray Kurzweil from Motherboard, a collaboration between Vice (VBS.tv) & Dell.  It’s a self-described “cutting-edge platform for the telling of cultural stories borne from technological innovation.”  Pretty neat. I definitely fall under the “terrified” camp when it comes to how I feel about the approaching Singularity (Kurzweil’s term for when humans will become one with machines), but it’s all very fascinating nonetheless. Maybe I’ll change my mind when I’m as old as Ray, but I really don’t get people who want to live forever. 200+ supplements a day? Are you serious? Kurzweil is a genius and I actually believe it when he says that’s where we’re headed, but man…you kind of have to be a serious ego-maniac to think that sticking around forever will benefit humanity. Somebody buy the guy a ticket to Japan to see the cherry blossoms fall!  The beauty and essence of life lies in its ephemerality, no?


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  1. Kyle Lloyd

    Wow, very facinating! It frightens me to think where technology is going, especialy when it comes to medical technology. I mean, we have robots that do laser surgery with a doctor controlling it in the another room. It seems like science fiction, but it’s our reality now. I bet pretty soon they will be programming the robots to do the surgery without human involvement.

    Thanks for the video, I feel like I challenged my brain for the day.

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