I’ll have the Foie Gras, hold the Cheetos

ft-17-cheiffetz2Props to the lovely Julia Cheiffetz of HarperStudio for a great interview in this month’s Fast Company. Cheiffetz talks about the various things her imprint is doing as part of an R&D strategy to adapt to the manifold changes in book publishing. Whether it’s giving Flip cams to authors to videoblog their upcoming titles or experimenting with dynamic e-books, HarperStudio is certainly trying to do more than just tread water. I’m also glad to hear Cheiffetz acknowledge that not all marketing experiments are appropriate for every subject. “With each project, we think about what kind of experimentation is appropriate. We don’t want to sprinkle Cheetos on top of foie gras.” Couldn’t have said it any better!  Check out HarperStudio’s blog here.


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Trend Analysis & Applied Futurism. London / NY / Tokyo.

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