Just My Type(s)

There’s nothing like beautiful typeface to really make a brand stand out. I’ve been accused of “font prejudice” by people who have noted my blatant disregard of establishments that have ugly signage. It’s almost like my brain doesn’t register the text when it is not presented to me in an appealing typeface. Entire blocks of stores and rows of products are routinely relegated to the “why bother” section of my consciousness. If you ask me, a simple font facelift can do more for a business than any number of freebies. Notice how Gordon Ramsay frequently replaces the signage for the hapless restaurants he attempts to salvage on Kitchen Nightmares?


Whether simple or intricate, there is something immediately seductive about a great typeface. Take for example this fantastically fun logo for a set of Valentine’s Day cards created in the UK by students Adam Ding and Ben Brears. The actual cards are equally playful, utilizing font names (Univers, Futura, etc.) to communicate affection for your type-loving sweetheart. These two students won an award in last year’s Wolda logo design contest. You can sigh heavily over the other winners here.


Also, while googling these cards I came across something else that’s pretty great. Just—My—Type™ is a side project by designer Jakob Nylund of Formconspiracy. He has put up an awesome set of hand-set typefaces that you can download for free as AI files. He even has a font called Sausage. It doesn’t get much better than that!  (There is actually a font called Donut, but it is sadly not as great as one would expect from such a superbly named typeface. Alors.)


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Trend Analysis & Applied Futurism. London / NY / Tokyo.

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