Mamachas del Ring in Buenos Aires

mamachas11SUITE 2046 amigo, Betty M Park, will be premiering her ass-kicking documentary Mamachas del Ring in Argentina this week as part of the Buenos Aires Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente.  The workaholic Park’s labor of love tells the story of Carmen Rosa, a cholita wrestler who battles discrimination, sexism, poverty, and backstabbing (among other setbacks) while trying to make it in the male-dominated world of Bolivian lucha libre.  Chock full of eye-opening shots like braided indigenous women dressed in petticoats body-slamming each other, I can pretty much guarantee you’ve never seen anything like it.  This awesome doc also features Christophe Lopez-Huici‘s labor-intensive stop-motion animation.  Big clay thumbs way up!  Keep an eye out for a stateside premier, and become a fan on Facebook.  Thanks for inspiring us to keep on truckin’!


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  1. Federico

    I saw the film yesterday at the Festival. I went to see it attracted, as the director stated before starting the show, ’cause the “oddity” of the theme. I became surprised as the odd issue took a second place in what a think it was much a more interesting work on indigenous women literally struggling to make their way out in life. An excellent work on claymation did a wonderfull partner to this movie. No doubts about it, thumbs up to this work!
    Finally it was a cool experience to have her there to make our question (sadly it seem that animation artist, who was there, didn’t want to speak… a petty).
    Once again, congratulations! (and excuse my poor english, please) 😉

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