A New (Caffeinated) Day Begins


Words can’t express the euphoria we’re feeling here at SUITE 2046 over today’s extraordinary transfer of power. We’ll leave that to the infinitely more poetic Young Jeezy and tearfully imagine Obama’s face on future five thousand dollar bills.

In the meantime, since we’re all feeling so particularly refreshed over the inauguration, maybe we should go and buy a case of nicely redesigned Pepsis. Love it or hate it, in a bold move that couldn’t have been more perfectly timed, Pepsi’s latest makeover harnesses the collective positivity unleashed by last year’s Obama campaign and subsequent victory. Never mind that the logos of both the newly simplified Pepsi and the Obama campaign are absurdly similar; what’s interesting here is that smart brands are quickly seizing the opportunity to create lasting connections to what will surely go down in history as the most popular American presidency the world has ever seen. While it’s tempting to cynically dismiss it all as marketing at its most opportunistic–trying to profit off of Obama’s call for change? Are you for real???–the bizarre thing is that it’s hard to even be cynical in this fantastically idealistic post-Obama world. When Starbucks advertises free cups of coffee to people who sign up for community service at their stores, following live video of Obama talking about America being bigger than the sum of our individual ambitions, it’s hard not to get a bit choked up…and oddly thirsty for a tall latte. And honestly, isn’t it a sign of progress that Pepsi today is less interested in hiring Britney Spears and more invested in setting up websites like Dear Mr. President, in which people are invited to upload video messages to President Obama? The world is changing for the better. Today was proof. We think it’s great that corporate America is doing its best to follow suit!


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Trend Analysis & Applied Futurism. London / NY / Tokyo.

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