Publishing Q&A for HarperStudio

harper2I did a quick Q&A a few weeks ago on the publishing industry for HarperStudio’s blog, The 26th Story. Check it out here. HarperStudio is a new imprint run by Bob Miller at HarperCollins. Miller and his Gang of Four are valiantly leading the charge in trying  to reinvent the broken model of book publishing. By lowering writer advances, which have become absurd for big name authors in recent years and offering greater profit-sharing, HarperStudio is hoping to make publishing more sustainable, both financially and environmentally. A staggering number of unsold books are sent back to publishers to be pulped every year–hardly a sensible way to run business in today’s economy. It also stands to reason that by avoiding debacles like Random House’s $8.25 million acquisition of Charles Frazier’s Thirteen Moons (a critical flop that sold less than half a million copies according to BookScan), publishers will be able to invest more time and money in the actual business of unearthing new talent and marketing them. Yes, publishing as we know it is rapidly coming to The End as Boris Kachka eulogized a couple months ago in New York magazine, but it’s also safe to assume that not all of us are going to stop reading any time soon. In today’s world, only the quick and nimble survive–and it seems to me that HarperStudio may likely prove itself to be the little imprint that could.


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